New Longarm Option - Simple Edge to Edge

Erin Aumack

I can't believe that spring is almost over, school is almost out and we've successfully had our first 6 months as a longarm studio! To celebrate, I've added a new option for longarming: Simple Edge to Edge

What is Simple Edge to Edge? It's a soft, fluid type of quilting, with 3-5 stitched between motifs/stitching lines. This type of quilting is excellent for kids quilts, charity quilts and more. 

This style is $0.02 cents per square inch.

The pictured block is 12" square, for reference purposes. I know you are going to love this new option, so we've decided to run a quick special!! 


This offer is available until June 1! You can checkout now with this link, and then make arrangements to send your tops in via mail or local meetup. I can't wait to see all your beautiful piecing! 

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  • Claudette Tangaro on

    Missed your spring special. What do you charge for a 68 × 80.5 lap quilt long-armed edge to edge? I cut the batting 6” wider and the backing 12” wider than the front. I can drop off and pick up in Calgary since I live in Foothills County. Thanks for your reply.

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